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Criteria to Be A Phlebotomist And Important Tips

Posted on August 14, 2015 in Blood

Red Cross Phlebotomy

Have you been looking for information on how to become a phlebotomist? You are not alone in this regard. Many more individuals are also interested in this profession. Becoming a phlebotomist is not rocket science and the answer to your quest is not far away at all. There are many institutions that can get you trained as a phlebotomist and you will become a certified phlebotomist in no time at all.

The profession itself is highly fulfilling. You will not become as rich as Bill Gates, but you will not be on the street begging for food, neither will you be part of those lining up for social welfare. Your take home pay as a phlebotomist will be enough to take you home and you will also be able to make savings.

What are the criteria needed to become a phlebotomist? It all begins from your high school foundation. You are required to have attended high school or an equivalent institution. After this, you are required to register in a phlebotomy institution, where you will be trained in various subjects like anatomy, physiology and laws and ethics guiding the phlebotomy profession.

In phlebotomy schools, you will also be trained on how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. You are required to learn about the various blood cells and what each of them performs. You will be taught about histology of blood cells and you are required to have some knowledge about their biochemical compositions.

Everything you are taught in phlebotomy classes is designed to get you prepared for entry level job as a phlebotomist. The training does not take up to one year to conclude, after which you are required to go for internship.

By the time you graduate, you would have become a well trained phlebotomist and you can start working as one. As hinted earlier, you will only be able to get employed as an entry level staff. At the training schools, you will also be taught about how to relate with your patients and other healthcare professionals.

Certification is very important, as it brightens your chances of getting employment. The truth is that not all states in the United States insist on phlebotomy certification before you can be employed as one, but getting certified after graduating from phlebotomy schools will confer more respect on you as a phlebotomist and it may quicken the rate of your promotion.

Register for phlebotomy technician certification examination with any of the bodies offering such certification without delay. You will get promoted with accompanying salary increment as your number of years in the profession increases.